Gasket Manufacturer UK
Polymax Group acquires Keith Payne Products

Rubber Gasket Manufacture

We manufacture rubber gaskets in any form and rubber material type. Rubber gasket materials we work with include EPDM Rubber Gaskets, Neoprene Rubber Gaskets, Nitrile Rubber Gaskets, Silicone Rubber Gaskets and Viton Rubber Gaskets.

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Spiral Wound Gasket Manufacturers

Our spiral wound gasket manufacture process is tailored to your specific application needs. Spiral wound gaskets are very reliable and allow lower clamping forces than solid gaskets.

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Bespoke Gaskets & Prototype Development

We have specialist knowledge in Prototype Gasket and Seal development. Many years of experience in the design and fabrication Gaskets helps us advise you on developing the best product.

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High & Low volume Gasket Production

We have the capacity to provide very high volume gasket production or conversely have a prototype gasket development department for individual small and "one off" orders. Find out more...

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Gasket Manufacturing Experts

Keith Payne Products UK gasket manufacturers are committed to achieving excellence in the supply and production of gaskets and other cut and converted parts to Industry from our Cranleigh, Surrey manufacturing facility.

We have the experience and expertise to advise on the design, development and manufacture of gaskets seals and joints from a wide range of non-metallic materials.

Our Gasket range is in Rubber Gaskets, Foam Gaskets, Sponge Gaskets and Solid Rubbers to Compressed Fibre and Plastics. Adhesive backed components can also be manufactured in Kiss-cut form.

Both management and staff are totally committed to ISO9001 (2015) our quality assurance standard.

Our gasket manufacturing equipment is high speed, modern and computer controlled. Volume gasket cut component production is supported by Prototype and bespoke gaskets. Our Production controlled systems ensures that high quality gasket product is delivered on time.

Quality Controlled Gasket Production


Quality and, constantly improving quality, is a priority within Keith Payne Products. Total Commitment Quality Controlled Manufacture of Gaskets and Seals. Both Management and Staff are totally committed to our ISO 9001 Quality Standard.


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Precision measuring equipment enables us to maintain customer satisfaction.