Maximum pressureType of jointingTemperature rangeServicesApplicationsType of flange
5007,350Graphite With Reinforcement-200 to +900Steam, Refinery, FoodstuffsProcess Plant, Pump/Gear CaseGood machine finish
3505,000Spiral Wound Gaskets-200 to +1000cSuper Heated Steam, Water, Oil, SolventsSuper Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Autoclaves, Boiler Tube, Manhole, Handhole & Mud Drum Covers, Pipe FlangesGood machine finish, High bolt loads
3004,400Graphite Without Reinforcement-200 to +2000Chemical, Petroleum, Steam, Refinery, FoodstuffsHeat Exchangers, Autoclaves, Cylinder Head, Process Plant, Pump/Gear CaseGood machine finish
2804,000Corrugated and Solid Metal-20 to +450Steam, Gases, Hydraulic, OxygenPipe Flanges, Process Plant, Diesel Engines, Air Compressors, Valve BonnetsRough or uneven surfaces, Medium to high bolt loads
1402,000Camprofile-200 to +500Steam, Water, Oil,Compressors, Pumps, Process PlantGood machine finish
1001,400Compressed Synthetic Fibre-140 to +400Gases, ChemicalsPressure Vessels, Marine Equipment, Process PlantRecommended medium to high bolt loads
35500Metal Clad Synthetic Filler-20 to +650Steam, Hot Water, Hot Gases, Some ChemicalsInlet and Exhaust Manifold, Heat Exchangers, Evaporators, Soot Blowers, Automotive EnginesGood machine finish
35500Natural and Synthetic Rubbers-30 to +100Water, Low Pressure Steam, Foodstuffs, Air, Gas, Acid, ChemicalsPumps, Compressors, Marine and Process Plants, Pipe FlangesRough, pitted, uneven surfaces, Low bolt loads
20300Vegetable and Vulcanised Fibre-50 to +120Oil, Petrol, Benzol, Most SolventsCarburettors, Sumps, Gear Boxes, Pump Casings, Pipe FlangesNarrow, light flanges, Low bolt loads
17.5250PTFE Cord Seal-100 to +250Corrosive Fluids and GasesLarge Pump Casings, Chemical and Food Processing Plant, Large Diameter Pipe FlangesRough, pitted, uneven flanges, Low bolt loads
1.7525Synthetic Rubber, Bonded Cork-50 to +120Water, Oil, Gases, Ozone, SolventsElectrical Transformers, Motors, Switch Box Covers, Compressors, Filtration Equipment, Agricultural and Marine Plant, Aircraft and Automotive Parts, RefrigeratorsNarrow, light flanges, Low bolt loads