Water gaskets when required for potable water are made in WRAS approved EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Di Monimer ) We manufacture a standard range of Full Face and IBC (Inside Bolt Circle) gaskets for ANSI B16.5 ASA 150 and 300 EN1514 , BS4504 Np6 Np16 Np25 and Np40 and also the old British Standard BS10 tables A D E F and H.
We can cut and manufacture any size washer for fittings for pumps and filters . For higher temperatures they can be manufactured from WRAS approved silicone rubber and WRAS approved compressed synthetic fibre.
Drainage gaskets can be from commercial grade EPDM or to prevent galvanic corrosion a non-conductive grade is used. Gaskets up 4000 diameter bore have been fabricated from this grade of material.