We manufacture high quality prototype and bespoke Insertion Rubber gaskets. We can manufacture Insertion gaskets in high and low volumes.

Insertion Rubbers are available In Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM and Viton compounds.  The Insertion itself can be of various materials but mainly supplied in Polyester Scrim or Cotton fabric.

The insertion is in the rubber to reinforce it and to improve mechanical strength and tear resistance .

The insertion can be generally a single or in two ply according to the thickness of the finished rubber.

We also supply high grade Conveyor Belting which has 3 and 4 ply insertion up to 23mm thick and this can be cut into wear rubbers and squeegee blades.

Armadillo ( Snow Plough) is a high abrasion resistance soft natural rubber with a nylon fabric on one or both sides.

Diaphragm materials are also cut. These are fabrics, Nylon, Dacron, and Nomex that are coated with a rubber compound, see Diaphragm Membrane Gaskets.