Dec 18, 2019 in KP Gaskets Community News
Gasket Manufacturer – Enviromentally Friendly Factory Improvements

When we moved into our new premises at the end of 2013 the building was in need of full internal restoration and expansion with a full mezzanine flooring system.

This restoration was the perfect opportunity to convert all our lighting to full LED on both floors. Although the initial investment was substantial we are now reaping the benefits of reduced power consumption in the region of 75% over the original fluorescent lighting arrangement, together with a nice bright working environment.

When choosing a company vehicle we were keen to achieve a balance between fuel economy, environmental sustainability and of course value for money! HMRC offered £2000 cashback on plug-in Hybrid electric cars and there was 5% BIK (Benefit in Kind) for the company car driver. This however has now risen to 9% with recent changes. This was at the time the obvious choice over and above the now-disgraced diesel option and if for some crazy reason you decided you wanted to drive into central London then you could do that for free, with no congestion charge applicable.

So why are we rambling on about all this? Well, we have now installed our very own EV (Electric vehicle) charge point at Keith Payne Products and we would like to offer Free! Yes, that’s free electric charging for all customers and suppliers whilst visiting us.

So as long as, like us, you are considering the environment when making vehicle choice then please feel free to drop by and buy us lunch. Lunch, because that is how long it will take to put enough charge in your car to continue your journey to your next customer.

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