We have a wealth of experience manufacturing high specification sponge gaskets for food and pharmaceutical industries. Our custom cut gaskets can be manufactured from large range of sponge rubbers. The sponge can be “Closed-Cell”, “Semi-Closed Cell”, or from an “Open Cell” structure.

Closed- Cell sponge rubber is technically known as Expanded Rubber, and it is available in all the general elastomers compounds;- Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile Neoprene/EPDM blended and Polyethylene. Most Rubber Closed cell sponges conform to ASTM standards such as: ASTM D1056-68, grades SCE41, SCE42, SCE43 and SCE45. This 1968 standard is now replaced by ASTM D1056-85 & 91 and 2000, grades 1A2 2A1 2B2 2C2. Ask our technical department for our guide for interpretation of these grades.

Closed Cell blended Sponge rubber (Neoprene/EPDM) is the most popular grade used and it is fire retarded self- extinguishing to UL 94 HF-1 Some grades carry a UL yellow card certification. It has a temperature range of -30C to +90C.

Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge rubber is also suitable for weather, and low oil resistance (medium swell). Some grades are non-silver staining. Temperature range -20C + 85C.

Closed Cell Nitrile (Buna-N) Sponge rubber is excellent for sealing against oil but is often mixed with PVC for improved properties.

Our large range includes “Sorbo” style sponge, a natural open cell sponge. Our open cell sponge range includes Polyether and Polyurethane cushion foam.

For higher temperatures we offer Silicone open cell and Viton® Closed cell sponge.

Silicone sponge

Silicone sponge can be supplied in different densities and colours and the temperature range is -60 to +200C. It has a low toxicity index and although it has been used in the food and pharmaceutical industry for many years, it should however be only used in non-contact with food stuffs applications. Some grades have a Low smoke index.

We stock semi closed cell Polyurethane sponge, Poron® which has exceptional recovery.
Our range of Polyethylene closed cell sponge which is more rigid than the rubber sponges and foams is perfectly suited for many industrial and commercial applications; - Packaging, Shock absorbency, Thermal insulation, Kneeling pads and Buoyancy aids.

Polyethylene closed cell sponge is Chemical and grease resistant, Wear and tear resistant, impervious to Mildew, rot and Bacteria. It is light and flexible and has a temperature range of -60 to +90C.


Plastazote foam is Closed-cell polyethylene foam blown with nitrogen. In contrast to other foams, it is tough and flexible. If Plastazote foam is compressed, each nitrogen filled cell acts like a balloon and the foam returns back to its original shape.We supply LD33,LD45 and LD60 Plastazote foam cut to shape or in sheet form in various thicknesses in black, white, PLASTAZOTE® is a registered trademark of Zotefoams plc. It is also available in “Conductive” form.


We can supply either in roll or in die cut form components out of the SCAPA range of PVC single or double sided foams, including Scapa 3209 3507 3509 3527 3259.



Pyrosorb is class "0" Open cell polyurethane accredited cellular acoustic foam. It protects the surface from the spread of flames and limits the amount of heat released during a fire. It has flexibility and non-irritant characteristics. Pyrosorb can be cut to shape or made into strip and can be supplied with self- adhesive backing for ease of fixing.

All of these grades can be supplied plain or with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing. The Pressure sensitive backing used can be from a range of adhesives; - Rubber Resin, Aqua- Acrylic and Acrylic with no carriers (straight coat) Tissue, Scrim or Polyester film. Adhesives can be High Grab, Semi peel and Low Initial tack. We stock many types and a large range available from 3M, 467 468, 950 9471 9485 etc.

The release paper can be thick enough to Kiss–Cut the gasket or part through the rubber and adhesive to leave the component on the roll for ease of assembly. We can cut down to width all of our sponges and foams with adhesive backing in coil or straight strip form.