Rubber Gaskets and Seals are manufactured from a complete range of rubber sheeting;-

Natural Latex rubber for elasticity. Shot blast wear resisting grade for shot blast cabinets and squeegees. Natural SBR rubber is or general gasket work. White and Red food quality natural rubbers are for the food industry.
Neoprene rubber gives moderate resistance to oils and fats and excellent weather resistance. White food quality Neoprene is available for food applications.
Nitrile rubber has excellent resistance to oils and fuels and is available in White for oily food applications.
EPDM rubber is for weather and water applications requiring WRCS approval.
Silicone rubber is for high temperature applications and for even higher temperature Viton® can be used.
All of these grades are available in sponge form, with or without adhesive backing.
Seals can be fabricated from extruded sections and cord profiles.
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