We manufacture polycarbonate gaskets for a wide variety of applications and to your exacting specifications. Our gasket service includes custom cutting and prototype design. Clear polycarbonate can be “stamped” out on our cutting form knife tools, so any shape clear window can be made. We cut window discs for life rafts and shot blast equipment. Alternatively a thinner version film can be converted.

Lexan Film

White Lexan* FR25A flame-retardant film is an opaque, thin-gauge polycarbonate film with a velvet finish on one side and a polish finish on the other, and a UL94 V-0 listing to meet the stringent requirements in a wide range of electrical, electronic and transportation applications. Lexan FR25A Film offers improved score and bend fabrication capability verses Lexan FR700 in addition to ease of thermoforming, hydroforming, embossing, die-cutting, folding and bending. It is suitable for applications such as printed circuit board insulation, backlit aircraft in-flight panels and displays, business equipment insulation, computer rack partitions, and TV and monitor insulation.

Please ask our technical department for data sheets.