diapragm-fairprene-logoWe cut many types of diaphragms;- Static diaphragms that separate two fluids or gases that are subject to little or no motion and or pressure differential. Or Dynamic diaphragms, which usually transmits a force or pressure and also acts as a seal between the fixed and moving part.

Diaphragms can either be from solid rubber or can be supported with a strengthening fabric.
Typical uses are the metering of fuels and liquids or gas for control systems for domestic and industrial heating.

There is a wide variety of fabrics and rubbers available that makes it possible to design a diaphragm for operation over a broad range of conditions. Our main stock range is Neoprene rubber on Glass cloth or Nylon cloth, Nitrile rubber on Nylon cloth, Viton® rubber on Dacron or Nomex. Other fabrics, Kevlar and cotton are available with coatings of silicone rubber, polyurethane, and epichlorohydrin rubber .

The fabrics are combined with the rubber by different methods, Impregnation, Spread coating, Dipping or is Calendared.

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