Custom cut gaskets can be made from virgin PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), a white high quality plastic that has the following outstanding properties.
• It has resistance to virtually all corrosive chemicals with the exception of fluorine, some fluorochemicals and molten alkali metals.
• It has a very low coefficient of friction with good anti-stick properties.
• It is non-toxic and non-flammable.
• It has a temperature range of -200 to +250C
Glass fibre and Graphite 15% or 25% can be added to improve the poor cold flow characteristics of virgin PTFE.
We can cut gaskets from either skived PTFE from 0.25mm thick or from sheet PTFE up to 12mm thick.
PTFE can be chemically etched on one side to aid adhesion to other surfaces.
Softer requirements for gaskets can use Gore-tex® expanded PTFE. It is very conformable; however it still remains stable at high pressures.
Sealex® and Softchem® from Klinger and Uniflon50 Uniflon51 and Uniflon53 from Novus are all grades of expanded PTFE that we cut.

We cut gaskets from the following Garlock Gylon® stock grades of PTFE.
Gylon Style 3500 (Fawn) A general purpose Gylon gasketing material has a significant advantage over conventional PTFE in regard to its functionability at higher temperature/pressure combinations. Often used in chemical processing and hydrocarbon processing industries. Conforms to FDA regulations.
Gylon Style 3504 (Blue) Blue Gylon gasketing is very compressible due to its inorganic microspheres, thus sealing tighter under lower torque loads. Conforms to FDA regulations.
Gylon Style 3510 (Off White) Style 3510 has very wide chemical resistance. It is particularly suited for service against strong chemicals such as potassium and sodium hydroxide, hydrogen fluoride, aluminium fluoride and chrome plating solutions.
Gylon Style 3545 (Off White) Style 3545 combines pure microcellular outer layers with a rigid core for those applications where a rigid gasket is required. It has a dramatically lower leak rate than expanded PTFE gasketing of equal thickness. Conforms to FDA regulations.

PTFE envelopes are stocked in a range of sizes either in V shape or milled type to offer an alternative to Virgin PTFE. Welded from strip envelopes are available for large vessel sealing.
Please ask our technical department for details.