Our extremely high quality graphite gaskets are made to your specification and industry requirements. Our gasket service includes custom cutting and prototype design. Graphite gaskets are a non-toxic, electrically conductive natural mineral offering excellent chemical resistance and good low temperature (-200C) and high temperature (+500C) in oxidising conditions and (+3000C) in non-oxidising conditions. Gaskets are generally used in oxidising condition. It is affected by Sulphuric and phosphoric acid. Graphite can be supplied in an un-reinforced foil form, however it is very delicate to handle. A range of re-inforcement is available by way of a thin (50 micron) stainless steel or Nickel foil sheet. The foil can be plain or tanged (pegged) to aid adhesion to the graphite.

We cut James Walker Supergraf® expanded graphite sheet and Flexitallic/Novus Graftec 49 and Novus F1 (foil) NovusT1 (tanged) and Sigraflex Hochdruck. From the Klinger range we cut graphite laminate grades SLS A/S and PSM A/S

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