We can manufacture high quality cork gaskets from Neoprene and Nitrile bonded cork. We also stock and manufacture from the James Walker Ltd Nebar® rubber cork range.

Rubber cork sheet is made by using a mixture of cork granules bound together with either rubber or a resin adhesive. The larger the granule size the more compressible and deform-able the sheet material

Cork gaskets are used when a high degree of compressibility is required, sometimes due to poor bolt loading or uneven sealing surfaces. Firmer grades, i.e. made with finer granules and more rubber binder offer fuel and solvent and refrigeration fluids resistance.

Other grades are suitable for Vibration control in plant rooms and for thermal barriers. Transformer grades with low swell and aircraft grades to DEF22 are available. Temperature range -30 C to + 150 C.

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