As an independent gasket manufacturer, we design, manufacture and supply our customers with the highest quality Compressed Synthetic Fibre material gaskets, to match exact specifications.

We stock a wide range of Compressed Synthetic Fibre (CSF) including Klingersil®, Novus®, Flexitallic®, Pheonix®, Garlock® and James Walker®. Different grades are available with glass fibre, Aramid fibre/Kevlar® and Graphite. These fibres are mixed with a small quantity of rubber binder to form a hard sheet material than can be die-cut into shape. This will require high bolt loading.

CSF materials conform to BS7531 to grade X or Y and dependant on grade the temperature range can be -196 to 400 C with a pressure of 100 bar. (Note;- The MAX temperature and pressure cannot necessarily be used simultaneously. Thinner materials offer better temperature & pressure properties)

Controlled swell grades are available for applications of low bolt load, and wire reinforced grades for high pressures.

• Oil
• Solvent and gases
• Steam
• Many diluted acids and alkalis.
• Automotive

We cut gaskets from the Klingersil range of materials which include C4500, C8200, C4430, C4400, and C4324. From the Flexitallic/Novus range we cut gaskets in Novus10, Novus 30 (Supra), Novus 34 and Novus 48(acid). We cut gaskets in Garlock Blue-Gard® Style 3000 and Style 3300 and Cheftain® and Sentinel® from James Walker Ltd.

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